Homemade Soup of the Day     £5.50
– with fresh crusty bread

Potato Skins (v)     £5.50
– With a homemade garlic dip

Garlic Bread (v)     £5.50
– Handrolled & stone baked

Moules Marinière (gfa)     £7.50
– Steamed mussels with white wine, cream, parsley & garlic, served with crusty bread

Mixed Bean, Rocket & Cilantro Salad (v) (vg)     £6.95
– With sun blushed tomatoes, avocado, roast pine nuts & chai seeds

BBQ King Prawns & Pineapple Skewer     £6.95
– English muffin, Yorkshire ham, two poached eggs & hollandaise sauce

Homemade Fishcakes     £6.50
– Haddock & prawn with a lemon & chive butter

Tempura Prawns     £6.95
– With a lemon mayonnaise served with dressed rocket

Tapas / Mezze

Vegetable Crudités     £5.50
– With tomato confit & garlic dips

Nachos     £5.95
– Home cooked with melted cheese, guacamole, salsa, sour cream & jalapenos

Warm Ciabatta     £4.95
– With marinated olives & dipping oil

Bruschetta     £5.50
– Sun blushed tomatoes, artichoke hearts, Feta cheese & basil drizzle

Caprese Salad     £5.80
– Fresh mozzarella, tomato & basil salad on a bed of herb leaf with garlic slices

Crispy Fried Baby Squid     £6.95
– Splashed with fresh tomato sause & garlic butter

Devilled White Bait     £5.95
– With lemon mayonnaise

Halloumi Fries    £5.95
– With fresh salsa

Vegetable Crudités     £5.50
– With tomato confit & garlic dips

Deli Meat Platter

£6.95 for 1  |  £11.50 for 2  |  £17.50 for 3

– Selection of Mediterranean sliced meats with roasted peppers & red onion, Feta, marinated olives & dipping oil

Fresh Baked Flatbreads

With a choice of;

Add fried seasoned capers, sun blushed tomatoes, roast peppers & red onions, fresh hummus or marinated olives     + £1.50 each

Dipping oil     + £1.20

Smashed avacado     + £2.50

Street Food

Chargrilled Vegetables (vg) (v)     £10.95
– With garlic & cumin served on quinoa, brown rice with fresh coriander with a vegan cashew & coconut dressing

Chicken Satay Skewers     £9.50
– On stir-fry vegetable noodles

Chicken Katsu Curry     £9.95
– Served on a vegtable & egg stir-fry

Crispy BBQ Beef     £8.95
– With noodles, red pepper & spring onion salad


– Choice of bread: white or granary sliced, warm ciabatta, lightly toasted artisan bread, flat bread or fresh baked pizza bread wrap

– all served with house salad

Cajun Chicken & Red Onion     £6.95
– Prawn & confit mayonnaise

Tuna Mayonnaise     £6.95

Choice of Cheese     £5.95

Coronation Chicken     £6.95

Bacon, Brie & Avocado     £7.95

Southern Fried Chicken Breast     £7.95
– With salad

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese     £7.95

Grilled Halloumi     £6.95
– Roast peppers & olives with basil oil


Classic Chicken Parmesan     Large  £11.95  |  Small  £8.95
– Chunky chips & salad

Hot Shot Chicken Parmesan     Large  £12.95  |  Small  £9.95
– Topped with pepperoni, onion & jalapeño chilli, cheese, chunky chips & salad

Chilli Beef Parmesan     Large  £131.95  |  Small  £10.95
– Topped with beef chilli, cheddar, chunky chips & salad

Chicken Parmesan With Ham & Cheese     Large  £12.95  |  Small  £9.95
– Chunky chips & salad


Moules Marinière (gfa)     £11.50
– Steamed mussels with white wine, cream & garlic served with crusty bread

Haddock Fillet With Chapters Chunky Chips     £12.50
– Lightly battered & served with garden or mushy peas & homemade tartare sauce. Gluten-free batter also available

Salmon Fillet With Herb Butter (gfa)     £12.95
– Simply grilled and served with new potatoes & seasonal vegetables

Monkfish & Crayfish Pie     £10.50
– Crumbed top with salad and warm crusty bread

Homemade Fishcakes    £10.50
– With chilli, lemon & chive butter, peas & new potatoes


– Choose from chicken, beef, king prawn, vegetarian or have a mixture of all four!

– With stir-fried peppers & onions in our own fajita seasoning, with our homemade dips of guacamole, salsa, cream cheese and soft flour tortilla wraps

Mixed Fajitas     £15.95

King Prawn Fajitas     £14.95

Beef Fajitas     £13.95

Chicken Fajitas     £12.95

Vegetarian Fajitas (v)     £11.95


Deli Burger (gfa)     £12.00
– Homemade, served in a soft flour bap, with gherkin pickle, baby gem lettuce. beef tomato & dressing, choice of stilton or cheddar or mozzarella & choice of chips

Chargrilled Chicken Fillet Burger     £9.95
– With chips & seasonal salad

Spiced Butternut Squash & Chickpea Burger (gfa) (vg) (v)    £12.95
– Topped with fruity coleslaw with sweet potato fries & sour cashew cream sauce

Vegan Burger (320kcal) (vg) (v)    £8.95
– Topped with fruity coleslaw with sweet potato fries & sour cashew cream sauce

Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowl (vg) (v)    £6.95
Our very own version of a hippie bowl!
– Roasted veggies, roasted chickpeas, beans, quinoa & brown rice, spinach, turmeric, avocado, chia seeds & served with a roast red pepper coulis


– All of our pizzas are hand rolled to order, stone baked & topped with our own recipe tomato sauce & 100% pure mozzarella
(gluten-free pizzas available)

Seafood Pizza     £11.00
– Mussels, tiger prawns, crayfish and calamari

Alan Special     £10.00
– Chorizo, pepperoni, pancetta, chillies & Tabasco

BBQ Chicken     £9.50
– Chorizo, red onion & chilli

Roasted Red Peppers (v)     £9.00
– Roasted red peppers & goats cheese

Pizza Pollo     £8.95
– Chicken & red onion

Pizza Diavola     £8.95
– Salami

Pizza Al Fungi     £8.95
– Ham and mushroom

Margherita (v)     £7.95

Add Extra Toppings:

– Tomato, onion, pepper, olives, mushroom     50p per item

– Pancetta, pepperoni, parma ham, chorizo, salami, chicken or mortadella     £1.00 per item

– Sliced mozzarella cheese     £1.50 extra

Pastas & Risotto

Spaghetti Neapolitan (v) (vg)     £7.95

Chicken & Crayfish Linguine     £9.50

King Prawn Linguine     £12.25
– With coriander, lime buerre & a hint of chilli

Spaghetti alla Carbonara     £8.50
– With pancetta, mushrooms, red onion, cream & parmesan

Penne Arrabiata (v) (vg)     £7.95
– Penne with tomato sauce & diced peppers, onions, tomatoes & chillies

Seafood Risotto     £14.95
– Smoked salmon, haddock & prawns in a tomato cream sauce

Butternut Squash Risotto (v)     £9.25
– Roast pepper with grilled goats cheese, with a choice of either pasta or risotto

Chicken & Chorizo     £8.95
– With mixed peppers & red onions, served with penne or linguine pasta or as a risotto

A Bit On The Side…

All of our delicious sides can be added to any of our dishes

Bowl of seasonal vegetables     £3.50

Bowl of seasonal salad     £3.50

Portion of fresh bread     £1.80

Portion of onion rings     £3.40

Portion of garlic mayonnaise     £1.10

Homemade coleslaw     £1.50

Green beans wrapped in pancetta     £3.10

Garlic bread     £5.50
– Hand-rolled and stone baked (add £1.00 for cheese and tomato)

Garlic ciabatta slices     £3.50

Chapters chunky chips, skinny fries or sweet potato fries     £3.50

Homemade dips     £1.00
– Choose from BBQ, garlic or sweet chilli

– Choose from BBQ, garlic or sweet chilli
– Choose from BBQ, garlic or sweet chilli

Children’s Menu
(Under 12’s Only)

All children’s meals are priced at £5.50

Spaghetti Neapolitan (v) (gfa)

Margherita Pizza (v)

Fish Goujons
– Homemade using our prime haddock fillet with Chapters chunky chips, garden peas or beans

Chef’s Homemade Chicken Goujons
– Using 100% chicken breast in a light batter. Served with Chapters chunky chips & salad or beans or peas

– Served with mashed potato, peas and onion gravy

Creamy Ham & Cheese Pasta

Kiddies Homemade Deli Burger
– Our homemade burger served in a soft bun, Chapters chunky chips & salad

Healthy & Low Calorie Menu


Moules Mariniere (gfa)     £6.95
– Steamed mussels with white wine, cream & garlic served with crusty bread

Cajun Chicken     £5.95
– Served on mixed leaves & tomato salsa (190kcal)


Fresh Salmon     £11.50
– Poached with lemon & black pepper, served with new potatoes & vegetables (460kcal)

Lemon & Black Pepper Chicken Fillets     £10.25
– With new potatoes & fresh vegetables (360kcal)

Butternut Squash Curry (v) (vg)     £8.95
– Lentil & spinach curry with a portion of boiled rice (302kcal)

Cajun Chicken Fillets     £10.25
– Mixed leaves, carrot, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, cucumber & red onion (345kcal)


Chicken Caesar Salad     £8.50
– Sliced chicken, croutons, anchovies & tomato in a Caesar dressing with baby gem lettuce

Carne au Leche     £9.95
– Chargrilled steak or chicken breast on mixed dressed rocket salad with feta & avocado with a peppercorn dressing

Yorkshire Ham Salad (gfa)     £7.95
– With crusty bread, coleslaw & salad

Greek Salad (v)     £8.50
– Baby gem lettuce, olives, feta cheese, red onion & coiander

Cajun Salmon Salad     £9.95
– With citrus oil dressing

Halloumi Salad (v)     £9.95
– New potatoes, cherry tomatoes, roasted pepper, red onion, green beans & olives

Ploughmans Salad (v)     £8.95
– Cheddar & applewood with tossed salad, red onion, chutney & crusty bread

Quorn Salad (v)     £8.50
– Chargrilled seasoned Quorn chicken, croutons, tomato, dressing & baby gem lettuce

Come on In!


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